* Established in 1991 and Singapore-based, Orient Tainers Pte Ltd is the Pioneer in commencing operation of ISO Tank Containers, IBCs and Flexitainers for the bulk transportation of liquids throughout Asia.
* Providing a truly global outlook with a closely knitted network of sales offices, agents, depots and an infrastructure that is essential for the efficient management of bulk liquids movement be it on Door/Door or Pier/Pier basis.

Singapore depot for cleaning an repairing.
* Operatin in excess of 700 ISO Tank Containers in 1995, both owned and leased, Orient Tainers continues to expand its business regionally with plans to increase its market presence substantially.

State-of-the-art computer software for tracking and monitoring purposes.
* Orient Tainers also operates and leases about 3,000 collapsible IBCs in Asia and especially in those newly developing economies including China, Vietnam and Myanmar etc.
* We offers a comprehensive, effective and quality service to all of our customers to ensure total satisfaction is achieved. So when it comes to moving liquids aroungd Asia and beyoud, Orient Tainers, is right here to serve you.
A glimpse of the Headquarters in UOB Plaze 1.

* Orient Tainers Pte Ltd is based in Singapore, the world's busiest and most efficient port, together with its strategic geographical location, acts as a regional distribution hub/gateway in providing an easy access to the Far East and Asia Pacific Rim.

* Its headquarters is conveniently located in UOB Plaza 1 which sits right in the heart of the Central Business District of Singapore.

* Orient Tainers is well poised to take on the future challenges of the 21st century in the fast-growing mega dynamic Intra-Asian economies.

* Address : 1 Shenton Way, #21-07 Robina House, Singapore 068803
* Tel : (65)2279227
* Fax : (65)2274224 / 2274334

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