00 We have joined with ¡®Orient Tainers Pte Ltd¡¯ which company is one of the most largest Tank operator on the world, since 1996. And we started a business of ISO Tank container & Flexitainer as general agent in Korea.

0 We, as acting agent in Korea, having been engaged in tank leasing, operating, technical service, tank cleaning, repairing, and other professional service for export / import clients in Korea.

0 Our Principal, ¡®Orient Tainers Pte Ltd¡¯ was established in 1991 and Singapore Based, is the pioneer in commencing operation of ISO Tank containers, IBCs and Flexitainers for the bulk transportation of liquids throughout Asia.

0 Also, providing a truly global outlook with a closely knitted network of sales offices, agents, depots and an infrastructure that is essential for the efficient management of bulk liquids movement be it on door/door or pier/pier basis.

0 Recently, operating in excess 700 ISO Tank containers, both owned and leased, ¡®Orient Tainers Pte Ltd¡¯ continues to expand its business regionally with plans to increase its market presence substantially.

0 We always produce our reliable service and high qualified information to our clients. If you are looking for additional information, please don't hesitate to contact our office at (82) 2-319-9787 . Any member of our Customer Support Team will be happy to answer your questions.

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