00Dae Woo Maritime, as one of leading international freight forwarders in korea, is now managing successfully in door to door services for outbound/inbound cargo from/to the area of South-East Asia and U.S.A , providing our customers to find their satisfaction in our safe and speedy cargo transportation services with reasonable freight charges and other expenses.

0Under our know-how based in our last good experiences in this field, we assure you that we will make our every effort continuously to make better services to our customers to enjoy their confidence in our service.



  1. General cargo
  2. Building Construction Materials
  3. Household From Overseas
  4. Steel Product
  5. Garment & Machineries
  6. Heavy Cargo & Project Cargo Handling

ΆΒ Door To Door Service

  1. Pick-up at your factory on time
  2. Handling of shipping documents
  3. Cargo Tracing System
  4. Best Quotation for O/Freight
  5. Notice of schedule

ΆΒ Trucking Service

  1. Anywhere available in Korea
  2. 1.0Ton/ 2.5Ton / 5Ton / 8Ton / 11Ton/ 15Ton Truck available
  3. Special truck for Reefer Cargo & Machinery
  4. Best price for trucking charge

ΆΒ Custom Clearance

  1. Handling of custom clearance
  2. Joined with 'Custom broker'
  3. Plenty experience for custom clearance

ΆΒ Packing Service for Export cargoes

  1. Wooden packing for all Export cargoes
  2. Overseas Household goods
  3. Industrial Machinery
  4. Vacuum packing for Precision Machinery
  5. Manufacturing of Pallet as ordered.
  6. Best Quotation and Business trip to Factory

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