¢Ì Flexitainer¨Þ is an unique system of 00transporting non-hazarduous bulk liquid 00using normail 20' dry container.

¢Ì Orient Tainers sells or operates 00complete set of Flexitainer¨Þ and its 00accessories to any user in the world.

¢Ì Fitting and loading supervision service is 00also available on request.

¢Ì One off Flexitainer¨Þ is suitable for 00product such as glue, latex, water base 00paint, emulsions and food additives.

¢Ì Feusable Flexitainer¨Þ is suitable for 00industrial oil and oleochemical 00industries.
  Air pressure test and leak detection.00000

000 Cleaning in progress.

Capacity0000000 : 16,000L-23,000L

Material00000000 : Thermoplastic, PVC, 0000000000000000PU and Copolymer

Tare Weight00000 : 40Kg-50Kg(whtiout 0000000000000000Bulkheads)
0000000000000000100Kg-120Kg(with 0000000000000000Bulkheads)

Payload00000000 : 20 m. tons

Hose end fitting 00: 2.5" inside dia. B(3" 0000000000000000outside dia. C)
0000000000000000Bsp male threaded 0000000000000000pipe.



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